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It is my belief that all creativity, all artistry comes from God, or Spirit, or Consciousness or Intelligence, whatever you like to call it. That mysterious power is the source. Therefore I practice dedicating my work to that in grateful acknowledgement. If that source is unseen then art is the act of making its beautiful nature manifest in all its abundant variety.

Jeffery Courtney trained at Hornsey College of Art and then a Post Graduate at the Royal Academy in London in 1971. Since then he has worked full time as a professional artist working entirely in the figurative tradition. A meticulous craftsman, he has made an extensive study of painting techniques, in particular the methods of the Old Masters. Jeffery has been commissioned to paint copies of work by Rembrandt, Leonardo, Botticelli & Piero della Francesca, making amazingly accurate copies. This skill and craftsmanship shows up in his beautifully detailed still life paintings whilst his love of light and water are reflected in his landscapes.

He has carried out numerous portraits both formal, like his painting of the Governor General of Gibraltar (holding firmly onto the keys to the rock), to more intimate studies such as Mrs Francis or Belinda.

Another side to Jeffery's work reflects his interest in philosophy. He has produced a number of paintings based on ideas from different philosophies and religions. From his detailed analogy of the Christian Parable of the Wheat & Tares to the charming story of the Two Birds in the Tree symbolizing the active and contemplative sides of our nature, from the Hindu scriptures.

Most recently he has embarked on some major mural projects in both egg tempera and fresco.

Jeffery has had many one-man shows and he has exhibited at the Royal Academy, Mall Galleries, New Grafton Gallery & Patterson Galleries in London, and at the prestigious annual Art in Action Festival in Oxfordshire. He has many works in private collections.


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